Solar Cells for Home at the Lowest Price

with 5 Years Warranty

The PV System is interfaced with the state power utility grid.The Solar power runs the load to the extent possible during day time.If there is a deficit in energy generation.The differential Power / Energy is drawn from the grid. A bidirectional meter will be installed to record the net energy.

Our Features

  • Stable and Reliable Power
  • Excess energy can be sold to power utility company
  • Zero or Negative Electricity Bill
  • Accelerated Depreciation of 40% is available
  • Very Little Maintenance
  • Clean & Green Energy right from the roof


Our Price includes the cost of installation. The following components are mandatory components as part of installation.

  • a. Mounting structures
  • b. Connecting cables and Accessories.

Techinical Components

Inverter modelVSG-10k
Inverter capacity3Phase 5kW
Inverter EfficiencyInverter - 98%
Solar Panel Efficiency16.51%
Module Type72Cells Poly-Crystalline
Annual Generation of Power plant in Units15000 Units

Warranty Details

Solar Panels : 25 Years (performance output warranty)

Solar Inverter : 5Years